"We Believe In Better Care For People And Joining Hands With Humanity."

" परिंदों को नहीं दी जाती तालीम उड़ानों की,

वो खुद ही तय करते हैं मंजिल आसमानों की,

रखते हैं जो हौसला आसमानों को छूने का,

उनको नहीं होती परवाह गिर जाने की "

ARISE: Association of Researchers for Services and Empowerment.

ARISE is an Association of Researchers for Services and Empowerment, established in January 2015. ARISE is the first-ever platform that works for Social Empowerment through Research. Research is the basic way to analyze societal issues to deal with the problems and offer appropriate solutions. The idea behind ARISE is to offer three-fold services viz., Child Development, Old-aged welfare, and women’s development.

Continuing the legacy of spreading harmony with right solidarity, ARISE is the Socio-Entrepreneurial platform that is based on research and identifying the gaps while strengthening the economy through empowerment activities. The idea was primarily, implemented by Dr. Chandan while establishing this Non-Profit Organization in the district of Baran, Rajasthan. Our dedicated team of social activists and researchers is working upon to achieve a higher degree of autonomy through wisdom, awareness, and access to resources.



Dr. Chandan Medatwal (Ph.D.) -
Founder and Director (Heart and Soul of ARISE, Researcher, Trainer, Counselor)

Mrs. Urmila Pareek (Graduate)- Chairman (Promotor)

Aman Verma (MBA)
Member, A Base of ARISE, IT services, Trainer and Social Media advisor, Researcher)

Harshada Sharma (MA)- Member (HR, Campaigns and Outsourcing)

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Phone No. : 9570671555
Email Id: arisesociety.india@gmail.com
Address: Maa Sharda, Nakoda Colony, Baran, Rajasthan,325205




A Social Entrepreneurial platform that is based on research and identifying the gaps while strengthening the economy through more participation and reaching all levels of society.
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